About Us

Confectionery factory “SAMARSKIY CONDITER” is one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery products in the Russian market, capable of producing up to ten thousand tons of high-quality products per year. Our company was founded in February 2000 almost from scratch. It is the high quality of output products meeting international standards that enabled our high production growth.

The products of the factory “SAMARSKIY CONDITER” are manufactured on modern high-class equipment of Italian and German firms. These are high-performance lines, packing machines, control and measuring devices that promote strict compliance with the recipe, reliable packaging and high quality products.

Great attention is paid to the selection of raw materials and packaging, as this is the basis for the quality of our products. We have high demands to our suppliers and purchase raw materials and packaging only from proven and reliable companies with which we have long-term contracts, entrance controls and laboratory tests are carried out.

Everyone knows how difficult the current situation is in the confectionery market. The consumer demand changes rapidly and is subject to fashion trends. To remain competitive we should be flexible enough to respond instantly to the slightest market changes. This applies not only to the flavor, but also to the aesthetic properties of our products. That is why the designers of the factory “SAMARSKIY CONDITER” are constantly looking for new packaging and design options. That is why our packaging is interesting for both children and adults, and looks great on the shelves of stores.

Every year, the specialists of the factory “SAMARSKIY CONDITER” develop dozens of new products, use new technologies, improve recipes, modernize and implement new equipment.


We do all of this to make our products enjoyable for you.